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We can setup email either as a pop3 account on our server or by redirecting to another service such as Google Apps or Office 365 which have additional functionality. We can also setup email to be forwarded to another address but this is no longer recommended as many large providers now delay email being received in this way.

NOTE: Please take care to follow the instructions and ensure the settings are correct, especially for sending email. Repeated failures will trigger our firewall and block you from accessing the server as it will appear to be an attempt to guess the login details.

IMPORTANT: If you think that your password has become compromised please contact us urgently. If your account is used to send spam our server will be flooded with the bounces and will be blacklisted so all users will be unable to send email.

POP3 account

The procedure for setting up varies between programs and versions. In Outlook and Windows Mail it is generally found by going to Tools > Accounts and setting up a new mail account.

Enter your account details (change yourname and yourdomain as appropriate):

Incoming Mail Server (POP3): wotnet.co.uk
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): wotnet.co.uk
User/Account Name: yourname@yourdomain.co.uk (your email address)
Password: As provided (note this is case sensitive)

Ensure these other settings are correct:

Outgoing Server: Requires authentication and use same settings as incoming
Incoming Server (POP3) Port: 995 (SSL/TLS) or 110 (no SSL)
Outgoing Server (SMTP) Port: 465 (SSL/TLS) or 587 (STARTTLS) or 25 (no SSL)
Leave messages on server: See Using multiple devices

Setting up Outlook

For a graphical step by step guide to setting up Outlook click here. Note that the actual steps may vary depending on the version of Outlook that you have. It may be also be a useful guide for other programs with similar steps.

Setting up iPhone/iPad

Apple tries to be too clever and automatically add account details and doesn't have a manual setup option so you have to spend a lot of time waiting while it fails and then go back and set all the options how they should be. The steps are as follows

  • Go to Settings » Mail, Contacts, Calendars » Add Account » Other (at the bottom) » Add Mail Account » Enter Name » Email » Password » Click Next
  • Click POP at the Top » For BOTH Incoming and Outgoing enter the same for both » Host Name (wotnet.co.uk) » Username (eg. yourname@yourdomain.co.uk) » Password » Click Save
  • It will say Cannot Verify Server Identity » Click Continue » WAIT a long time while it tries and fails to verify again! » Click Continue » Click the new account in the list
  • Click SMTP box » Primary Server at the Top » SSL: ON » Authentication: Password » Server Port: 587 » It should now verify so click account name (top left)
  • Click Advanced » SSL: ON » Authentication: Password » Delete From Server: Never » Server Port: 995 » Click done and there should be ticks everywhere.

Now write an email to apple to ask why they don't give us a manual option in the first place!

NOTE: See Using multiple devices

Using webmail

If you have a POP3 account on our server you can use our Webmail service which you can access at the link below. If you get a warning message about the website's certificate select to continue anyway. Login using your user name (full email address) and password (case sensitive). If you see a message about cleanup tasks click to skip.

URL: https://webmail.wotnet.co.uk

NOTE: Webmail should only be used as a temporary solution for example while travelling otherwise your mailbox will get full. If you send emails using webmail these are not copied to your email program and will remain on the server. If you have not setup an email program to clear the inbox then these will also remain on the server. To delete emails in webmail first select and delete then on the Other menu near the top right select Purge Deleted.

Webmail will only show you what has not been deleted from the server by an email program For more information see Using multiple devices

Using multiple devices

It is important to understand that an email program connects to the server, downloads emails in the inbox then deletes them from the server. So if you are collecting from multiple devices you need to ensure that they can all collect the same emails.

So firstly decide which is to be your main device, usually your computer at home/office. In your email program on that device set the advanced option to leave mail on the server. You must also set the option to delete after a period. We recommend 7 days (maximum 14) which allows plenty of time for mobiles to collect the emails or for you to view with Webmail if you are travelling. It is vital that you do not set it to leave for too long or indefinately or the mailbox will become full.

Then on the other devices such as mobile phones and tablets set the option to never delete. This will ensure that the main device always has all emails.

NOTE: Emails sent on one device are not copied to other devices. This only works with IMAP accounts (not POP3) and if you want this feature you should consider using Google Apps, Zoho Mail or another service with greater functionality.

Using Google Apps

You can setup your domain to redirect all mail to the Google Apps service. This allows you to setup Gmail accounts for all email accounts on your domain. Cost (when last checked) is $5/user/month or $50/user/year where a user is each email account.

To signup go to: https://apps.google.com/

To verify domain ownership you need to put a file on the server or setup a dns record. Please contact us so we can assist with this. We will also need to change the MX records for your domain to direct email to Google Apps.

To access Google Apps after signup: https://www.google.com/a/yourdomain.co.uk/ (change yourdomain.co.uk to your domain). Note that the username in this case is just the bit before the @ not the full email address.

When the account has been created you can create the email accounts for other users. This will create an individual Gmail account for each user. See Using Gmail for further details.

You can test an email account before making this change using the Google test email yourname@yourdomain.co.uk.test-google-a.com (change name and domain to yours)

Using Gmail

Gmail can either be used as an account setup via Google Apps or we could setup your email to forward to another Gmail account.

To login online go to: https://mail.google.com/ (login with full email address).

You can setup an email program such as Outlook, Windows Mail or a phone etc. to collect from Gmail. If you want to have an exact mirror in your email program and in Gmail online you can use IMAP or you can setup just to download using POP3. For help setting these up click here or for general help click here.

For example to setup Outlook to collect email with POP3 go to Tools > Account Settings > New, POP3, IMAP or HTTP > Select checkbox to enter details manually, select Internet E-mail then enter your name and email address then enter:

Account Type: POP3
Incoming mail Server: pop.gmail.com
Outgoing mail Server (SMTP): smtp.gmail.com
Username: yourname@yourdomain.co.uk
Password: As provided (note case sensitive)

More Settings > Advanced
This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
Incoming Server port: 995
Outgoing Server (SMTP) port: 587
Encrypted connection type: TLS

If you send email using Gmail from an address that is not a Gmail account or has been configured through Google Apps it will be sent from your Gmail account on behalf of your other address. To resolve this go to Settings > Accounts and Import > Send mail as > "Send mail from another address". Enter your name and email address eg. yourname@yourdomain.co.uk then choose the option to send through your own SMTP servers and setup as follows (change yourname and yourdomain as appropriate):

SMTP Server: wotnet.co.uk
Username: yourname@yourdomain.co.uk (your email address)
Password: As provided (note this is case sensitive)
Port: 587
Connection: TLS

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