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A good website is a combination of design and functionality. Since the increase in use of tablets and mobile phones design has changed and we now develop all new sites so that they work well on all devices. To achieve this the design of all pages has to be carefully considered to change the layouts as required.

Content Admin

We have developed our own easy to use admin system for editing content which can be tailored to the requirements of the clients for each part of their website. Please contact us if you wish to see a demonstration.


We prefer to build websites from scratch to suit the needs of our clients rather than being limited to options in off the shelf packages. We use bespoke php scripts with a mySQL database where necessary to generate dynamic database driven content and css stylesheets to create responsive layouts.


Many of the sites we have developed are for online shopping. Again we prefer not to be limited to the functionality of any particular package so we build the pages, databases and admin areas to suit our client's requirements.

Website Applications

We have developed many website applications such as helpdesk, contact management, search and fulfilment systems. These are effectively websites so they are available to clients anywhere but with restricted access.


We will use effects such as image zoom or slideshows where appropriate and write our own javascript or jquery scripts as required. For example the script that scrolls these boxes open in position or we could make them do something else like slide in and other examples such as changing the background image.

Search Engine Optimisation

We build websites to comply with recommened guidelines so that they are optimised for search engines. We can advise you on SEO strategies and website promotion.

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